25 June 2014

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #45: La Vida Mineral Springs Bottle Opener

This is another great artifact and is the second bottle opener featured on this blog that comes from the La Vida Mineral Springs resort and its mineral water bottling operation.

Where the other opener was the kind you'd punch into a cap and then pry it off, our example here fits over a cap and lifts it off, indicating a later generation than the first, perhaps from the 1940s or 1950s.

As can be seen in the above photo, the La Vida name is subscribed by the motto "Distinctive Beverages."

Then, on the reverse, another motto following from the first is found and reads, "They're Naturally Better," meaning, of course, that the water flows "naturally" from the springs.

In contrast to the first opener, this one is in generally excellent shape, with some minor rust, pitting, scratching and other surface wear, but nowhere near as rusty as its predecessor.  In fact, it would look good displayed next to a beautiful green La Vida soda bottle sitting atop the dining room buffet.

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