27 June 2014

Sleepy Hollow Geodisic Home For Sale

One of the more unique houses in a unique neighborhood is up for sale.  A geodisic dome on Oakway Lane near the shuttered Canyon Market in Sleepy Hollow was listed for sale two days ago.

The 2,200 square foot home on a lot slightly smaller than 10,000 square feet (that's a lot of space for the community, which was subdivided in 1923 with small cabin lots being the norm) was built in 1988.  The current owners, who have been there nine years, have extensively remodeled the interior and put in a ton of improvements on the grounds, including, for Sleepy Hollow, a rare and expansive/expensive in-ground pool.

Geodisic domes have been touted for their ability to withstand strong earthquakes (not having walls at right angles that would pull away under the stress of the shaking and there is at least one other within the canyon, one being in the Mountain View tract off Canon Lane a little east of this one.

For more info, including about twenty photos of the house and property, click here.

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