21 April 2015

New Carbon Canyon Restaurant Opening Soon

A banner has appeared in recent days on eastbound Carbon Canyon Road just before Olinda Village announcing that a new restaurant, Stones Smoke House Barbecue & Grill, is opening soon and that hiring has begun.

The new eatery will occupy the space in the Olinda Village shopping center that was, for several years, the excellent and missed Sol de México and before that was, briefly, an Italian restaurant and then another long-standing Mexican place.

A comment was left on this blog months ago stating that there was something in the works and now this looks to be coming to fruition.

Of course, the restaurant business is notoriously competitive and the shopping center at Olinda Village, dating to the 1960s, is a relic of the time.  An unusual combination of dry cleaners and scrapbooking has opened recently, though it's not clear how well that business is doing.  Otherwise, there is the electrical testing facility and the Carbon Creek Realty business that also operate there.

So, stay tuned for more!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so happy that a new restaurant is opening. It's sad that the prior establishment closed; I loved the food, and the short drive!

Anonymous said...

CC Rd. is a frequent drive for me, the Stones' BBQ sign is still hangin in the wind as I drive by. I've taken a few minutes on a few occasions to stop by Olinda Village and see how progress is doing with the new "Stones BBQ".... It always looks the same, there's no-one in sight ? Anyone know the latest ? I was hoping to have some BBQ for the 4th of July next week. I guess it's burgers again ! Betty

prs said...

A local resident got to meet the owners and went inside to see the developing restaurant, which will have a bar and which has expanded to take in what had most recently been a church next door. From what I remember, the owners were hoping to open in July, but not probably by the Fourth!

Duane said...

Stone's Smokehouse is opening tomorrow night, July 10.

The private opening for Carbon Canyon residents tonight was a huge success with just about everyone in Olinda Village showing up. It was jam packed from 6pm to 9pm and a good time was had by all.

Even the guys from Brea Fire Station 4 stopped by and gave the kids a tour of their truck and passed out fire hats and left with lights on and siren blaring.

The food was great and the owners, Tory and Marcela Stone are the nicest people in the world. The staff worked hard serving wall to wall people and had nothing but smiles and a friendly attitude.

We are so happy to have a local place to grab a burger and fries or some nice BBQ and wash it down with a cold beer or glass of wine in the company of friends.

Check it out and welcome the Stones to Carbon Canyon.


Anonymous said...

Great to know! Now he can pay the $500,000.00 in restotution to all his former motorcycle customers. He fled to Nevada and glad he's back. There will be a lot of happy former customers he ripped off...now they can all collect! He's not the "nice guy" you all think he is. Customers beware!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he is no one to trust...he borrowed $100k from my friend Jamie (one of his girlfriends at the time) for the bike business and never paid her back! Heard he owes about $200k in back child support to the two mothers of his kids...yes...2 different moms! and not the gal he's with now!

Anonymous said...

This place has the best BBQ Tri tip, and better fish and chips than I have had anywhere. The sweet potatoe fries are crisp. the best. Menu is small but What they do, they do very well. We have not been disappointed yet. Prices are fair. Better than "Dickies BBQ" Location is everything. Don't hesitate to come out the the canyon for this food. It is the best BBQ around.