25 April 2015

Carbon Canyon Road Closure

UPDATE, Sunday, 12:30 p.m.:  Just in time for the commute to work, it was found that Carbon Canyon Road was reopened about 10:30 a.m., almost exactly twenty-four hours after the state highway was closed.

UPDATE, Saturday 9:35 p.m.:  The latest from the City of Chino Hills on this closure is . . .

Carbon Canyon Road remains closed until sometime tomorrow (Sunday). Due to the weather, work could not be completed on the downed power line. Updates on this closure will be posted here as soon as updates are provided by Chino Hills Police or Southern California Edison.

Today's commute to work at 10:30 this morning was interrupted and unexpectedly extended by the surprise discovery of the closure of Carbon Canyon Road at Olinda Village.

At the time, no details were known and drivers were turned around at Olinda Drive and it was back through the canyon to Chino Hills and on to the final destination.

Now, thanks to an Olinda Village resident, it has been learned that the cause of the closure was a car accident involving the hitting of a power pole and downing of lines adjacent to the Hollydale Mobile Home Estates, which now means that Southern California Edison has to repair the damage before the state highway can be opened.

The photo, taken by the resident, shows a full-size white pickup at rest next to the damaged pole.  Conditions were dry at the time, so the accident can't be attributed to rain.  So, it may be possible (though this is just a wild guess) that speed was a factor.  Perhaps there'll be an article in one of the local papers or someone out there might know more details.

Not too much further to the west, at the Olinda Ranch supervision, there was a full road closure, albeit for only about an hour, on Friday, 4 April.

Also worth mentioning (perhaps) is that there was another recent example of a car moving eastbound on Carbon Canyon Road through the S-curve in the Chino Hills section and, instead of following the many signs that indicate a right curve (and recommending a speed of 20 mph), decided to skid straight into the guardrail after crossing the opposing westbound lane.

As for today's closure, there have been no alerts sent from the Chino Hills side about a possible reopening and the Brea phone hotline for Carbon Canyon has not been updated since the accident this morning.


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