30 June 2014

Two Carbon Canyon Parcels for Sale

Signs have recently sprung up on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon for two undeveloped parcels.

One sign indicated a 36-acre property at a gate for a dirt road that leads from Carbon Canyon Road to Carbon Ridge, which separates Carbon Canyon from Soquel Canyon.  This parcel has been listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a few years now, though specified there as just under 28 acres and with a sale price of $336,000.  The site lacks utilities, survey or other preliminary work, though the site is zoned hillside residential under Brea's Carbon Canyon Specific Plan and Hillside Management Ordinance.

The other parcel is just under an acre and is off Carbon Canyon Road near and opposite the La Vida Mineral Springs site.  A short dirt access road leads up to a flat lot just above the road, though the total parcel appears to include some of the steep hillside around the site.  It is not clear if there has been an existing MLS listing for this property, which may well have the same raw land status as the bigger parcel.

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