05 June 2014

Accident Tonight on Carbon Canyon Road in Brea

UPDATE:  A commenter left a note recently that this accident did not involve a fatality, according, it was said, to info received from the Brea Police Department.

While at the Chino Hills Community Park for a baseball game, news came in that a fatal accident occurred somewhere on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon along Carbon Canyon Road.

The highway is closed at the county line for those looking to go west from Chino Hills into Orange County and is also closed on the Brea side, though at what point is not yet known to this blogger.

The City of Chino Hills Web site only states that the road is expected to be closed for several hours because of the ongoing investigation--with fatalities, these can take many hours.

More info to be posted as available.

For the Chino Hills emergency alert page, please click here.

UPDATE, 9:51 p.m.:  According to a City of Chino Hills update, Carbon Canyon Road was opened to all traffic about an hour ago .

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Anonymous said...

No info in the OC Register or Chino Champion on this road closure.
Apparently, it wasn't a fatal accident, at least according to the Brea P.D.

Just more "insignificant traffic" to use the words of Brea City Councilman Roy Moore, aka Redlight Roy.