11 June 2014

The La Vida Landfill, West Annex

The Brea portion of Carbon Canyon, being so far little developed (though, theoretically, the approval last week of the 162-unit Madrona tract could mightily change that, if built) proves to be inviting to fast drivers and, on occasion, to people who'd rather dump their debris and waste there than pay to take them to the nearby Olinda Alpha Landfill.

So, let's dub this latest example the "La Vida Landfill, West Annex," because there were two other occasions at the old La Vida Mineral Springs site and just east of that in recent years.  This is a turnoff just west of La Vida and east of Olinda Village off the westbound side of Carbon Canyon Road.

There have been at least two separate piles deposited alongside the highway, on consecutive days, and who knows, there might be more.

Thank you to whoever decided to leave their mess for someone else to clean up and for their contribution to the further beautification of Carbon Canyon.

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