10 June 2014

Another Carbon Canyon Road Crash

While talking to a contractor outside, we heard a car roaring through Sleepy Hollow westbound on Carbon Canyon Road, screeching through the curves and then a crash as the vehicle skidded off the road.

After a call to 9-1-1, a walk down to the highway found an older Japanese (Toyota, Honda or something similar) car turned the other way and resting off the side of the highway just across from the old Party House/Canyon Market store.

The latest traffic accident along Carbon Canyon Road (the third in a week) took place this morning westbound across from the shuttered Canyon Market/Party House store (at left) in Sleepy Hollow.  The driver is at the left just behind the red pickup and his vehicle is partially obscured at the right--the car narrowly missed sliding into Carbon [Canyon] Creek.
The driver, a young dude, was standing in the parking lot of the old store looking perfectly fine.  Luckily, as he tore through the area going far faster than he should of he didn't take someone out coming eastbound.

Yet another example of dangerous driving and also another that could have been far worse, but circumstance or chance or luck or something was at play.

At the moment, traffic is still moving through, but they'll have to tow the errant driver's car out and haul it away, so there will be a brief road closure later.

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