07 June 2014

Traffic Accident Closes Carbon Canyon Road

An eastbound vehicle crossed lanes and went off Carbon Canyon Road into the creek just east of Summit Ranch on this 7 June accident--the third on the state highway within the space of a week.
It turned out this was a single-car accident, in which the vehicle was going east on Carbon Canyon Road, crossed over the westbound lane, and went over the shoulder and down the embankment towards the creek.

UPDATE, 9:20 a.m.:  Carbon Canyon Road was reopened as of about 8:45 a.m.

UPDATE, 8:15 a.m.:  Evidently just moments after the initial search on the Chino Hills Web site alert page, this was posted a few minutes before 8:

7:45 am - Saturday, June 7th - Carbon Canyon Road is closed at Feldspar (Summit Ranch) for a major traffic investigation. No access at all from Chino Hills Parkway. Carbon Canyon residents have access from Brea side. Closure estimated to continue for approximately 3 hours.

The three hours may wind up being much shorter if the info given on scene below is correct.

Carbon Canyon Road was again completely closed as a traffic accident occurred and an investigation conducted early Saturday morning east of Summit Ranch (Feldspar Drive) and west of Chino Hills Parkway.
Just east of Summit Ranch on Carbon Canyon Road in Chino Hills, the state highway is closed because of a crime scene investigation.

No information being found on the city Web site or by e-mail notification, a drive out to the vicinity found Chino Hills Police Department volunteers with vehicles and cones letting drivers heading over from the Brea side know about the closure.  No specifics were provided about the nature of the incident.

Evidently, the investigation is now wrapping up and the road should be opened within the hour.

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