28 October 2008

Stonefield Housing Development Public Comment Period Ends Thursday!

The 28-unit Stonefield housing project, proposed for a hillside portion of Carbon Canyon to the east of Western Hills Golf Course and west of the hairpin curve on Carbon Canyon Road, is now in the midst of deliberation that will lead to a hearing before the Chino Hills Planning Commission, tentatively on 16 December. Meantime, the official public comment period ends this Thursday the 30th. This project, a microcosm of the Canyon Crest project on the Brea side of the canyon, has two identified significant, unavoidable adverse impacts in the Environmental Impact Report (air quality and aesthetics), the former of which can only be reduced 15% in mitigation measures from a level of pollution that would be 40% above the already low standards set forth by the AQMD and the latter of which CANNOT be mitigated AT ALL, according to the environmental consultant who did the EIR. Consequently, this project should be a no-brainer and be rejected unanimously by the Planning Commission. Given the heightened interest taken by Chino Hills officials regarding the Canyon Crest project and recent concerns expressed (although I heard a staff member from Chino Hills tell the Brea Planning Commission on 22 April that all objections had been met, so something changed between then and now!), I would think rejection would be simple. BUT, council members, commissioners, and staff still need to hear from concerned citizens on this one. Send your comments to Senior Planner Betty Donavanik at bdonavanik@chinohills.org by the end of the business day on Thursday, the 30th. I'm sending mine tonight!

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