09 October 2008

Carbon Canyon's Greatest Hits #1

Here's another new feature that concerns my attempts to document all of the ways in which errant drivers leave their mark on Carbon Canyon Road. I'm sure that these incidents happen because sunlight gets in their eyes, or they're marveling at a deer on the side of the road (alive, hopefully), or the beauty of the Canyon overwhelms them, or because those darn lines in the middle of the road don't stay straight, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's more likely speed, alcohol and/or drugs, talking on the cell phone, arguing with someone in the car, or many other possibilities.

Now, today's item is a real doozy. The good folks in Summit Ranch are justifiably proud of their neighborhood (watch soon for a "Neighborhoods of Carbon Canyon" feature on SR) so a beautiful new gateway sign (the latest thing now in community pride) was put up in spring 2007 at one of the entrances to the development at Feldspar and Carbon Canyon Road. Literally within weeks, the sign was plowed through. As was the case with the original, its replacement took months to get completed and now stands unblemished. For the time being, that is!

This photo was taken on 9 August 2007 and it should be noted that the sign is probably 20-30 feet from the corner so the driver must have been going pretty fast, which also seems obvious from the impact point on the sign! At least it wasn't made of copper and then stolen as happened with some city gateway signs that cost tens of thousands of dollars and were gone within days of being installed.

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