10 October 2008

Carbon Canyon Interactive Google Map, Redux #3

I'm reposting this periodically so it appears current for (potentially) greater access and I will make updates to the text boxes as information becomes available. I've set up a Google interactive map for Carbon Canyon that has placemarks (various icons for housing tracts, recreational places, historic sites, and others) that you can access and read information about concerning places of historical interest, notoriety, or distinctiveness within the canyon. If you have corrections and suggestions, please let me know. Here's the link and enjoy: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=108410844123352552312.00045245ba05b66a7ae66&ll=33.96301,-117.763996&spn=0.029401,0.052872&z=14


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great blog, into which you have shared some of the history and local life around the Carbon Canyon and Sleepy Hallow area. Even though I do not live in the area I have found it a fascinating read and particularity enjoyed the interactive map you've put together and "landmark" searches.

I can't help but mention, that I was also unsettled to learn of the Aerojet facility and just how close developers are willing to build even after all the lessons learned from the Love Canal incident. I was searching for pictures of Carbon Canyon Park, and the picture you took of the hazardous waste warning sign was strange enough to entice me to visit your blog; but I ended up staying to read the other editorials you've written. :)

Paul said...

Hello anonymous, thanks for your comments and I hope you'll come back and "visit" regularly. The Aerojet issue is one that I'd like to address further in a post, because it dovetails into environmental issues that we are confronting more and more (even if too slowly) in the canyon and everywhere else, so I'm going to take your comment and then offer some responses. Again, thanks!