15 October 2008

Community Meeting for Another Canyon Housing Project!

I've alluded to the possibility of this project a couple of times before and made brief mention of it in my remarks to the Brea City Council last week, but it turns out this project is not merely a future proposal, but one that is in the works now!

Stonefield is a proposed 28-home gated community on 35 acres off the north side of Carbon Canyon Road, east of Fairway Drive, from which there will be two access points, just on the western side of the horseshoe curve that negotiates the highest point on the Chino Hills side of the canyon. A few months back a brush fire blackened most of this area (see photo above showing a significant portion of the property in question).

In a Chino Hills Champion article headlined "Meeting Focuses on Disputed Project" from last Saturday's paper, which, because of the Columbus Day holiday, I received in the mail today, we learn that there will be a community meeting TOMORROW NIGHT, Thursday the 16th, at Chino Hills City Council chambers at 2001 Grand Avenue (entrance off Civic Center Drive, west of Chino Hills Parkway and south of Grand Avenue.)

The draft environmental impact report has been completed and the city has allocated $180,000 for it. Notably, there was a $60,000+ amendment to that contract to provide more data on climate change, traffic, air quality, and noise studies.There was an earlier community forum on this project and, as expressed by the Champion: "During a contentious meeting in February, approximately 30 residents chastised the city for allowing more homes in the canyon, and vowed to organize the community. They raised concerns about quality of life, traffic, water and sewer [issues], air quality, and obstruction of views." The paper also pointed out that the developer "calls for removing a drainage course, and permission is needed from the Army Corps of Engineers and the [California] Department of Fish and Game." This refers to the drainage that feeds into Carbon [Canyon] Creek, the watershed that empties into the lake behind the dam at Carbon Canyon Regional Park. It would be very interesting to know what the views are of the ACE and Fish and Game folks. Also of note: An excess of 300,000 cubic yards of soil will be moved around on the site.

Now, although it would be great to have a larger turnout at this meeting and hear from people concerned about another proposed development (whatever the state of the economy might or might not currently allow) in an already overcrowded and overdeveloped canyon, the public comment period does continue for another two weeks and concludes on Thursday, 30 October.

So, if you cannot make the meeting tomorrow night, send an e-mail or letter to the city Planning Department, City Council, City Manager's office, or somewhere in the city and let them know what you think. I cannot imagine there will be an outpouring of support for this project, so for those who are concerned about the future of the canyon, make a stand!

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