28 October 2008

Canyon Crest Special Meeting Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night, the 29th, at 7 p.m., the Brea City Council will hold a special meeting concerning the Canyon Crest housing project proposed on the north side of Carbon Canyon. This meeting will allow council members to ask questions about the project and, perhaps, make a decision on this very important issue that could alter the canyon's scenic quality forever. As has been frequently discussed on this blog, this 165-home development is wrong for so many reasons and, in fact, any future tract-style development ANYWHERE in the canyon is ill-advised because of traffic on Carbon Canyon Road, the need to preserve rapidly dwindling open space habitats, and other issues. Although the Planning Commission voted for approval in June, it was by a narrow 3-2 margin, and the fact that there is no unanimity within the city structure for this project is reason for hope that the appeal will be upheld by the Council. I plan on being there tomorrow night and hope that everyone who cares about the future of the canyon will, as well.

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