06 October 2008

Canyon Crest Appeal Hearing Tomorrow Night!

This is it, everyone (who might be reading this)! Tomorrow night, Tuesday, 7 October @ 7 p.m. at the Brea City Hall council chambers is the second round of the public hearing for the appeal of the Canyon Crest housing development approval by the city planning commission.

I know the second presidential debate is on at the same time (I'll be setting my DVR for the debate), but this issue is of pressing importance to anyone who cares about Carbon Canyon. Public comment will likely take up the entire evening and it is time to impress upon the council that this project is not wanted.

The economic meltdown of the last several weeks has likely changed the dynamics of when this development is built, but, if the appeal is denied, there will be an approved project that can carry over far into the future. The developer may well sell the property with its certified tract map and approved plan and this thing could get built years from now.

With all due respect to former council member Bev Perry, who filed this appeal and who said that there may be a good project for the site, but this is not it: there isn't a good project for the site, ever! Developers have had enough of our region on which to build and we're now paying the price with traffic, overburdened schools and other services, and, now that we're in a drought, a dwindling water supply. How the council can ask its residents to cut water use by 10% and approve this water-guzzling project is beyond reason. So is adding another 1,650 cars that will take a road rated "F" for its overcrowdedness. So is removing 1,800+ trees in an oak and walnut woodland setting, of which too little has survived the ravages of nearly unimpeded development over decades.
The council should have the courage to side with its residents, who simply DO NOT want this project, and affirm the appeal, rather than align itself with a developer who only wants what those of its ilk desire: to make money (or sell the project to do so) and move on to the next development. The best interests of Brea are reflected in the reasonable, rational dissent of its residents not in the sweet nothings promised by the developer and the council needs to hear that.

Please show up and lend your support to those fighting this project!


Canyonnative said...

Thanks, Paul!

I look forward to meeting you at the hearing and listening to what you have to say. Believe me, the Council needs to get the full blast from citizens who oppose this terrible project.


canyon lover said...

Thank you, Paul. Your support is very much appreciated. And you say it all so well. I, too, hope to meet you at tonight's hearing.

Paul said...

Hi canyonnative and canyon lover, well, public comment is done and we'll see how the "rebuttal" and council Q & A goes before a vote is cast. After the "Olinda Ranch" experience, I'm not sure, but I do think, as I said in my post this morning, that opponents of this project acquitted themselves well. So, we'll see what happens on the 21st and 29th.