30 October 2008

Canyon Crest Special Meeting, Part One

Well, I messed up and thought that the special Brea City Council meeting on the Canyon Crest appeal was at 7 p.m. last night, when it was actually at 6 p.m. Then again, maybe it didn't matter all that much when I walked in a 6:45, because, 3 hours and 15 minutes later, the council had gotten through four of the eleven items for discussion. I still don't know what I missed, though I suspect it was a very lengthy excursion into the minutiae of construction grading following introductory remarks and ground rules. I've decided not to make any substantive comments until the process is complete which could very well swallow up two more four-hour sessions, but did want to say that of the three signficant, unvoidable, adverse impacts, only one of them was dealt with last night, that being traffic. The problem for future meetings is one of scheduling. The next council meeting is election night and all they can do is announce the contination of the Canyon Crest discussion until a later date. This is complicated by the fact that two council members will be away each of the next two weeks. The closer it gets to Thanksgiving and, then, Christmas, the harder it will be to get those dates established. As I said, I don't want to provide much commentary until I can hear everything (provided I can even make upcoming meetings) and then take it all in. So, stay tuned . . .

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