20 August 2008

What?! Another Road Closure in Carbon Canyon?!

Another little news item from the recent 16 August issue of the Champion notifies us that on the previous Saturday at 2:15 a.m. a 21-year old driving a 2008 BMW on Carbon Canyon Road lost control and knocked down a power pole near Carriage Hills Road on the Chino Hills side. Consequently, the road was closed for much of the day while crews repaired the line, rerouting traffic through the Carriage Hills subdivision. The above photos were taken on 20 August, nearly two weeks after the accident, and they've fertilized the tire track scars to quickly regrow the grass, but there was clearly some serious chewing going on here.

Not too to be too judgmental here, BUT, let's add this up, shall we?

21-year old driver, check.

2008 BMW, check.

2:15 a.m. on a weekend, check.

Oh, one other important part of the story: turns out that the driver fled the scene of the accident, was arrested not too long thereafter and was booked on a charge of hit-and-run.

Speeding, check.
And, what else?

In the meantime, can we expect any increase in patrolling in the canyon to try and let people like the defendant know that there is a police presence there (and maybe not the same time each time)?

Hmmm . . . .

After all, knocking down a power pole, that's only a minor inconvience. As I stated a few posts back, not even the fact that we've had several fatalities in the last few years, has stirred any interest whatsoever from local authorities in either Brea or Chino Hills to do anything. So, if death won't do it, property damage, power outages, and other trivialities sure won't.

What will it take?

An innocent life?

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