22 August 2008

75 mph in Carbon Canyon: Documented

Back in July, I had a post with a link to a YouTube video clip of a motorcyclist who was quite proud of the fact that he taped himself doing speeds of up to 90 mph eastbound on Carbon Canyon Road from just before Carriage Hills to near the end of the canyon as you approach Chino Hills Parkway.
Turns out, he had a second clip that started on the Brea side that lasted through Sleepy Hollow. In that case, the speeds only topped out at 75 mph on the sparsely populated OC side, while maintaining a leisurely 60+ in Sleepy Hollow, my neck of the woods. Here it is:


In the comments to his post, our hero claims that a deer crossed the road at about the 1:10 mark and that it is barely noticeable. I couldn't see anything, although a few seconds later, Einstein tells his brother that there was a deer back there. Gosh, wouldn't it be funny if, say, the deer had gotten right in front of one or both of them and there was a collision? On the other hand, if that had happened, we wouldn't have had the clip to enjoy, now would we?

For that matter, what would have happened if someone were trying to make a left turn from, say, Sleepy Hollow onto the road while one of these geniuses was hitting the curves at 60 mph or faster?

What did happen to the motorcyclist who was probably doing comparable speeds or faster back in May 2007 when a parcel delivery truck made a turn out of Old Carbon Canyon Road?

Well, his roadside memorial is on a separate post from earlier this month.

I'll send this link, just like I did the other, to the Chino Hills city staffer I've spoken to a few times about my concerns about unsafe driving on Carbon Canyon Road. Because I heard nothing from this person on the last message I sent, I'm going to be realistic and expect nothing this time, too.
BUT, if there were more concerns expressed by others, including organizations like neighborhood watch committees (I've mentioned my concerns to my local one previously) and homeowner's associations, MAYBE something would get done. Because one guy with a concern won't get it done and at least one honest field rep at a state representative's office told me quite openly that that's the case--the proof seems to be that he never called me back when he promised he would.

Because this guy may have had the cojones to tape himself doing this, but there are untold others who just drive that way, in cycles and cars. WITH IMPUNITY.
I'd like to think the visual evidence might mean something . . .

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