24 August 2008

Sleepy Hollow in the News (OK, New York)!

I will be taking a little breather from the blog for a few days, but couldn't resist posting this item from the Los Angeles Times today.

Friday evening in Sleepy Hollow, NEW YORK, the home of the famous Washington Irving novel about the headless horseman, there was an attempted robbery that led to the shooting of the victim. For that town, that might be local news, but what evidently made it worth a mention in the Times was the fact that the victim was Anthony "Cousin Vinny" Agnello, who was carrying around $100,000 in jewelry. Even for an Italian, that's a lot of bling, unless you are the proud proprietor of Famous Cousin Vinny's Gorgeous Strippers (I kid you not, that's the name of the business!)

Yes, "Cousin Vinny" was escorting some of his employees to a bachelor party in old Sleepy Hollow, NEW YORK, when he was accosted by two men. During the fracas, Agnello was shot in the thigh, but the two evildoers got away and haven't been located.

You know, our little local Sleepy Hollow has had a colorful history, but I'm not sure anything in the neighborhood annals, real or mythical, can compete with this one!

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