20 August 2008

Shouldn't It Be Called the Sleepy Hollow Earthquake?

Courtesy of the Champion newspaper and its 16 August issue, we learn that the epicenter of the "notorious" 5.4 earthquake on 29 July was actually nine miles below Sleepy Hollow where three faults--the Whittier, Chino and Peralta Hills--meet.
I'm not sure how the adjective "notorious" applies--after all, a 5.4 is only a modest little seismic event, compared to the "Big One" which we have been due to receive since, oh, 1857. That would be "notorious." I think all we can say about this pipsqueak was that it was "slightly annoying," although less so right here in Sleepy Hollow than in Pomona, Yorba Linda, Whittier and outlying areas that had more damage that I know of than anyone in these parts.

Still, since I'm prone to creating my own historic districts (Sleepy Hollow and Mountain View Estates [Canon Lane]) and historic landmarks (La Vida Mineral Springs,) I'm going to go right on ahead and declare this to be the "Sleepy Hollow Earthquake of 2008," not to be confused, however, with the "Notorious Sleepy Hollow Earthquake of 2008."

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