15 August 2008

Compromised Canyons: A Comment about Aerojet/Vellano

In my rambling narrative about my wanderings in Soquel Canyon, posted in early July, I made reference to the former Aerojet munitions testing site (above), a Cold War-era relic that closed nearly twenty years ago but was subjected to a $40 million cleanup because of the development of the adjacent and expensive Vellano subdivision in Chino Hills. I also added a link to a very interesting web page about the Aerojet property by EnviroReporter.com.

I've just received a comment from Michael Collins from EnviroReporter.com and wanted to reprint some of it for the edification of those who are interested in the Aerojet issue:

"Thank you for the linking of our Chino Hills cleanup page on www.EnviroReporter.com as this is an issue of great importance to folks in your community. . . I invite you and your readers to send any tips regarding Aerojet Chino Hills to us by going to our contact page: http://www.enviroreporter.com/contact.html

Michael Collins


Again, the link to the web page is on the right side of the blog screen. The cleanup of old toxic sites because of residential, commercial, and entertainment uses on or near the locale is becoming more and more common all the time and should be of concern to all of us.

Over and out!


Michael Collins said...

Thank you for the clarification, Paul, but I need to clarify this even more. The link you provide is to a page with photos and links to articles, not an actual "article" itself. And Aerojet Chino Hills has not been developed yet at all, as can be learned by reading that page or looking at the Vellano subdivision map which shows that the development borders, but is not on, the old Cold War site, object of a $40 million cleanup. The subdivision map is at http://www2.cybergolf.com/kemper/courses/vellano.asp?id=195&page=5118

Thank you again for this excellent blog! Michael Collins EnviroReporter.com

Paul said...

Hello, thanks for clearing that up; I will edit that post accordingly.