12 August 2008

Carbon Canyon and A Sense of Community

I received the comment below earlier today and really thought it epitomized the spirit of community that does make the various neighborhoods of Carbon Canyon different than most (not all) outside it.

"On the 28th of this month, it will be 3 years since my husband and I departed to retire in Oregon, but we did leave a large piece of our hearts in quaint Sleepy Hollow, up on Hay Drive. In addition to our possessions, we took with us irreplaceable memories of some of the last vestiges of nature in SoCal; heart stopping views of Mt. Baldy and the accompanying peaks; melancholy smiles created by coyote song and free summer night frog concerts emanating from the tiny creek. Most and above all, we will always cherish having met some incredible friends, staunch supporters of the environment, and the lynchpin of Sleepy Hollow, Don Briney himself."

I guess what stands out from this well-expressed statement is, to rework an old saying, "you can take the person out of the Canyon, but you can't take the Canyon out of the person"!

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