24 November 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #3319

Here we go again!

About an hour ago, the sound of sirens rang through Sleepy Hollow as another accident occurred at that prime location where Carbon Canyon Road meets Rosemary Lane in front of the Sleepy Hollow Community Center.

At first, a few of us looky-loos who tramped down the hill to take a look-see saw a motorcyclist stopped next to a fire truck and Sheriff's Department vehicles and thought maybe the rider had taken a tumble on the tight curve. A little closer inspection, however, revealed that there was a red truck turned onto one side after having ridden up a short embankment just east of the Rosemary Lane intersection.

We couldn't see if there were any other vehicles involved further down the road, although as a tow truck pulled closer there was a blue car on the flatbed, so maybe it was a multi-vehicle incident.

The driver of, presumably, the red truck was standing on the side of the road, shivering in the chilly night until a Good Samaritan from the neighborhood brought a blanket and a hot beverage. In the last few moments, traffic has started moving freely again as the truck was removed from the road.

As one of the neighbors here said as we watched the proceedings, an accident like this probably won't even merit a mention in our local paper unless there was a fatality. This echoes what has been said here more broadly about whether our local officials even see a problem worth patrolling for when the accidents wind up being little more than an irritant and an annoyance. I have to say, though, three consecutive posts in this little ol' blog about cars leaving the highway and leaving some form of damage ought to mean something, eh? And, we haven't even reached the rainy season yet, if there'll be much of one this winter.

As far as when to act if the problem intensifies, why wait? As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention . . ." Then again, our society is more geared to treating the problem when it is already occurred (there's far more money to be made that way), rather than in preventive measures. Even in this poor economy, there were enough patrol cars out in Chino Hills this evening for three of them to be sent out in response to this accident.

Is it too much to ask that one of them come out to patrol the Canyon once in a while and try and let drivers know there is an enforcement presence, rather than continuing to allow what is essentially free rein?

Wait, wasn't that a rhetorical question?


Zaphod said...

To my knowledge, there was not a single accident in or around Sleepy Hollow from 1948 to 1959. Of course, some of the cautious driving may have come as a direct result of the Canyon Boys peculiar approach to traffic control. Most of it was illegal and the statute of limitations probably would not apply even after 50 years. We were funny, however; the Canyon still rings with the peals of laughter.

Paul said...

Hello Zaphod, maybe you should share with us some of those recollections, especially since the statute of limitations has expired! I've probably had my share of extralegal ideas about how to slow drivers down on the road! Thanks for the comment.