17 November 2009

Chino Hills State Park Visitor Center Work Restarted?

Last Thursday and today some workers were observed on the site of the stalled Chino Hills State Park Visitor Center next to Carbon Canyon Regional Park in Brea.

A bond-funded project, the visitor center had some initial concrete and steel structural work completed before the economic meltdown shuttered the project months ago. Meantime, the work fence was largely toppled and weeds grew back on the property.

So, whether the workers were there to clean the place up a little or if they are back to resume substantial work on the center remains to be seen. It was only a matter of weeks ago when it seemed quite possible that the Governor was going to shut down most of the state parks, although that terrible scenario has been forestalled for the short term.

An eye will be kept out to see what further work might be done with the Visitor Center.

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