10 November 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #2929

This latest example is actually a fairly old one, dating back several weeks, but is an impressive and lengthy skid that is on the westbound lane near the centerline of Carbon Canyon Road on the downslope from the summit at Olinda Village in Brea. I have no idea whether there was an accident linked to this or not, but it is pretty clear from the substantial distance of the skid that the driver must have been flying down the highway at a goodly pace.

The photos were taken this morning and the lines at the far right are not skid marks, but, rather, shadows of the power poles on the south side of the street. By the way, it seems quite obvious that the Orange County side of SR 142 is increasingly in need of some repairs, with the cracks in this photo being only some of the many that are appearing and widening over time.

Incidentally, a Carbon Canyon couple recently were in a head-on collision about two weeks ago with a motorcyclist who strayed into the oncoming lane, right in front of the old La Vida Mineral Springs property, also in Brea.

Also, a week ago last Sunday, the 1st of November, an Edison crew was working on a power pole in an area that has had a number of driver-induced downings of these poles in Sleepy Hollow, on the south side of the highway, just west of the Canyon Market (formerly Party House Liquor) and just east of the Rosemary Lane/Hillside Drive intersection.

This was a Sunday, so it seems highly unlikely that it was a routine scheduled maintenance, and was more likely an emergency. As to whether it was traffic-related is only a surmise, but if anyone knows more and would like to comment, any information would be welcomed.

Finally, the directional sign that was plowed down on Carbon Canyon Road in the midsection of the hairpin curves in Chino Hills at the end of last month has been reinstalled by CalTrans within the last several days, although it is no longer standing on a wooden pole, but with a brand new steel one. We'll see how long it remains upright.

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