12 November 2009

Olinda Village Signal Update

As the accompanying photograph shows, it appears the below-ground and surface-level portions of the Olinda Village traffic signal project are completed. The eletrical wiring seems to be all in, cement sidewalks and access ramps poured, and the cement bases for the signals and advance warning signs placed.

At the moment there is a lull in the work, likely because the signal fixtures are on their way. Sometime early in 2010 the project should be completed and then we'll see what kind of impacts the signals will have on Carbon Canyon Road traffic.

For the residents of Olinda Village and the Hollydale Mobile Home Estates, there will be infinitely easier access to entering the highway. The crux will be the effects manifested in the busiest times as the flow of traffic is slowed and stopped by the signals allowing the ingress of vehicles from sidestreets.

It may well be that the presence of this first signal in the 95-year history of Carbon Canyon Road will not be that dramatic. As Chino Hills, however, plans on adding signals at two locations (Canon Lane and Canyon Hills Road), the prospects for significantly lengthening the commute along the highway are certainly much greater.

It will be interesting to see what changes occur when the signal is up and running.

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