12 November 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #3058

Just minutes ago, as I finished the "Olinda Village Signal Update" post, I heard the familiar squeal of tires and the churning of dirt. Sure enough, a car heading westbound on Carbon Canyon Road took the sharp curve too fast here in "downtown" Sleepy Hollow and decamped from the roadway, although only onto the shoulder and atop the asphalt berm put up by CalTrans last year after a couple of vehicles veered off the roadway and down the steep embankment toward Carbon [Canyon] Creek. Because of the berm, tonight's stray traveler was able, after a few false attempts to reverse out, to hit the gas hard enough to extricate themselves from the spot and head off on their merry way.

It is probably more than relevant to mention that we have had a few drops of light rain this evening and, predictably, there are always those drivers who see absolutely no compelling reason to change their behavior, even when common sense dictates that roads become "slippery when wet," as those inconvenient traffic signs often announce.

By Carbon Canyon standards, this was just about a non-event, but it is a reminder that, if heavy rain does occur this winter as some are forecasting, we might well have a significant spate of accidents to contend with.

It could get interesting!

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