23 November 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #3268

Here is what appears to be another very recent example of someone who somehow just couldn't manage to stay within the lines on Carbon Canyon Road and took a little off-road excursion onto the shoulder.

This is westbound at Olinda Village, right below the shopping center between Olinda Drive and Olinda Lane. The vehicle left an array of its body parts, ranging from portions of a fender to plastic headlight segments and shards of shattered glass. A reflector sign up on the slope was also pitifully pretzelized courtesy of our wayward wanderer.

Before this incident, which I hadn't noticed last week, and the one in Chino Hills that was the subject of a post a couple of days ago and which also seems to have happened last week, it had been a little quiet as of late.

Alas, we'll continue to document these little diversions and hope that nothing major occurs that leads to an innocent person's injury or death, at which time we can assume local officialdom will take notice.

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