20 May 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #1732

Hopefully, those of you reading this post are getting as tired as moi of these efforts to document a recent spate of accidents, near-accidents, graffiti and other canyon-marring incidents. I think I'll actually be able now to talk about some history, discuss local businesses, and profile another Carbon Canyon neighborhood. That is, until the next incident comes along. After all, the weekend is only a couple of days away.

So, what you see here are photos taken Monday morning of a set of skid marks of a notable length on the westbound side of Carbon Canyon Road where a tight curve leads toward the La Vida Mineral Springs property (off to the right). As you can see, the marks reflect a slight miscalculation in the direction of the road, with the skid going straight while the road unfairly veers off to the right a little.

Of course, I suppose that the double yellow line in the center of the road, as well as the white line at the shoulder, are intended to assist drivers in following the path of the highway, but . . . then again, perhaps speed and some kind of impairment (maybe of the chemical variety) got in the way. The skid terminates on the shoulder of the eastbound lane (guess it was good no one was coming the other way) and ends right in front of the faux rock that hides some kind of electrical panel.

Once again, there appears to have been no accident here, at least not a serious one. Sooner or later, though, . . .

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