17 May 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #1618

That loud screeching of tires that awoke me at 1:20 a.m. Saturday morning wasn't, as I should have given more thought to, knowing the distance, the accident that occurred on the Brea side (Olinda Village) of Carbon Canyon and which was the subject of yesterday's "On the Skids" feature.

Rather, the early morning Saturday incident is the one captured in the set of photos you see above, taken today about a little after Noon. In this case, a car (I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume it was going too fast and that the driver was probably awe-struck by the beauty of a Spring moon!) went off the highway going westbound on Carbon Canyon Road and chewed up some of the embankment destroying a few pieces of state property; namely, some mile-maker signs and a speed limit sign. It also scattered some debris, including pieces of the absorbent material laid along the side of the roadway after last November's Freeway Complex Fires and during the winter rains to prevent mudflow from affecting the highway.

From there, said vehicle then veered off the embankment, back onto to the road and crossed over to the other side on the eastbound side. Finally, it can be assumed the driver collected his/her thoughts, looked down on his/her lap, and then continued along on his/her merry way. No harm, no foul (speaking of which, how about those Lakers, huh?) Just another weekend evening/early morning in Carbon Canyon!

Tomorrow, I'll make yet another post in our ongoing "On the Skids" series with YET ANOTHER fresh set of skid marks from this weekend a little further down the road adjacent to the old La Vida Mineral Springs resort.

I wonder if anyone in Brea or Chino Hills city government would be interested to know how much of this flailing about is going in these parts lately!

"Keep Our Canyon Clean" indeed!

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