03 May 2009

CalTrans Completes Carbon Canyon Cleanup, Part Two

Well, I was a little hasty in my last post about the work District 12 of CalTrans was doing on the Orange County side of Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142). They were back last Thursday to do the same kind of project mentioned before: the scraping of mud and dirt from the shoulder, this time on the north side of the highway from Olinda Village to near Carbon Canyon Regional Park. As much as I appreciate the fact that crews were out to improve the road, I have to say that I could have done without the 20-25 minute wait at Olinda Village while trying to get to work. That just seemed a little too much given that the eastbound lane was open. Still, it's always good to see some work getting done, especially on the OC side, though some slurry sealing and/or repaving is long overdue.

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