21 May 2009

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #15

It is nice to break away for something positive after a couple of weeks mostly spent documenting the defacement and disfigurement of Carbon Canyon.

So, here is a real nice example of a 1940s era La Vida Mineral Springs soda bottle. The third post in this series way back in late July featured another La Vida bottle that was not nearly in as good a shape as this beauty.

To recap (!): it appears that soda products were made by the resort starting in 1928 and the actual bottling of the product took place in Placentia, Fullerton and, interestingly enough, Alameda (near Oakland.) In addition to seltzer water (see the 16 February post on CCHA #12), flavored soda, such as was contained in this bottle, was produced.

Incidentally, after the devastation wrought by the Freeway Complex fire in November, I came across portions of a broken bottle just like this on the site (see the photo at the bottom of the main blog page), so who knows what might be buried or hidden out there in terms of artifacts from the resort.

If anyone out there has information about when La Vida stopped producing soda, I'd sure be interested to hear about it. This item is 2009.5.1.1 from the Carbon Canyon Collection and clicking on the images will give you a closer blow-up view.

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