05 May 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #1428

As has been stated previously on this blog, maybe these indications of probable reckless driving were always there, but went unnoticed, but there have been quite a number of lengthy skid marks showing up on Carbon Canyon Road in the last few months.

So, here are a couple more photos, taken this morning, of marks on the Brea side that I'm reasonably sure have appeared within the last couple of weeks and in close proximity.

The bottom photo was taken on the westbound side of the highway at the bottom of the decline from Olinda Village. The length is probably close to 90 or 100 feet.

The top photo is just around the bend and almost directly across from the moribund (but perhaps soon-to-be-revived) construction site for the Chino Hills State Park Visitor Center. The tracks are fainter and the mark shorter than the other, but not by much (the view, angle and the shade from roadside trees are a little misleading.)

At any rate, it doesn't appear that collisions resulted from these, but it just seems like the frequency of these marks has been much greater lately. Or, alternatively, my obsession with documenting these is making it appear like it is!

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