23 March 2009

On the Skids In Carbon Canyon #1118: Our Accident of the Week

Just a few days ago, I reported on an accident at the S-curve on Carbon Canyon Road on the Chino Hills side of the Canyon. Well, here's another example of an accident that has almost certainly occurred within the last two weeks, this time on westbound Highway 142 about 1/4 mile from the turnoff to the Summit Ranch neighborhood.

Not knowing anything specific about it, I can only speculate based on what can be discerned in the above photographs.

First, there is a long skid mark [see the top two images], indicating a high rate of speed.

Second, there is some chewed-up terrain on the shoulder, which would suggest that the vehicle was still going pretty fast when it exited the highway.

Next, there are a couple of trees with deep scrapes and gouges, also demonstrating that the vehicle was maintaining a high level of velocity.

There are two other views, one showing a little souvenir left behind, in the form of part of a head or tail light. The second seems to show the area where the tow truck brought the vehicle up from the side of the road.

Frankly, it's getting easier and easier (I've only lived in the Canyon a mere five years) to get jaded and cynical about these accidents.

So, I have low expectations that there will be any change in how the Canyon is patrolled--even with these two latest accidents and the two other very long and deep skidmarks that I've noticed, both of which are also of recent vintage.

Useless documentation, indeed!

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