04 March 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #1014: Our Accident of the Week

Within the last few weeks, perhaps up to a month ago, another section of relatively new guardrail was rammed into on Carbon Canyon Road.

This time, it was on the S-curve on the Chino Hills side along the same section that has, in the past few years, included destroyed CalTrans-managed directional signs, plowed through private property (such as an expensive cast-iron fence) and other mishaps.

If it wasn't for the rail, naturally, this car would have tumbled down a steep little slope onto another section of the road below. So, more than likely the errant vehicle probably sustained a little front fender and/or body damage, but was able to reverse out and drive away.

Someday, we taxpayers will fork out a little more money to repair the damage, as we always do. The above photos of the damage (including the crumpled yellow directional sign behind the guardrail) were taken last week.

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