27 March 2009

CalTrans District 8 Comes Through Again!

I've got to hand it to the California Department of Transportation and its District 8 folks, who handle maintenance of Carbon Canyon Road (a.k.a. State Highway 142) on the San Bernardino County (Chino Hills) portion.

In the last week, crews came out and cleaned up trash and also repaired the guardrail damage on the S-curve that was featured on a post back on 4 March --see the above photo of the newly reassembled guardrail and sign.

There is no comparison between what is done on "this side," as opposed to the Orange County section, of which there has been much less maintenance over the five years I've been in the Canyon. I suspect much of this is attributable to Measure I, the quarter percent sales tax that is used for transportation projects in SB County.

At any rate, kudos to CalTrans District 8 for their fast response, though it should be said that fixing the damage done by reckless driving comes at a cost-- to taxpayers who foot the bill on what is a largely unpatrolled highway.

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CanyonNative said...

Thanks for all your efforts to promote safety in Carbon Canyon. Are you a member of Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council? (I suppose that you are.) Olinda residents are very pleased with the invitation to link up with them for fire safety. Please promote the April 1meeting and also the Open House on May 30. We need many Canyon residents to attend and to get to know each other.