30 March 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s 1223 & 1224

In a post a few days back on an accident scene on Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142), there was mention of two other portions of the road where there were long skid marks of recent vintage, whether part of accidents or not.

What the above photographs very clearly show is that there were some people who were clearly driving way too fast and recklessly!

The lower images come from the intersection of Fairway Drive/Ginseng Lane on the Chino Hills side and the upper views are a little east of the burned-out Manely Friends Stable over in Brea. Both of these legacies are from within the last month or so.

It is interesting to see that the Chino Hills marks may have been made by two separate cars and it looks as if both were trying to pass people to the left by using the turn lanes to Fairway/Ginseng. In fact, it appears as if the car going westbound (lowest image) turned to the right at the tailend of the skid. Could both cars have been approaching each other at the same time or were these separate incidents? Note the very long skid mark on the image second from the bottom--that driver was really moving quickly!

The Brea marks might be more straightforward, if hardly straight! One shows the mark coming in from the east toward the edge of the road where I was standing, while the other shows the skid heading back, after a bounce off the low curb on the edge, into the roadway and crossing the centerline. Of course, it is possible these were made by two separate vehicles, but they are in almost direct proximity to one another.

Naturally, there are traffic officers in the Chino Hills and Brea sheriff's and police departments who could determine pretty much what happened, if there was any interest in keeping an eye on such things.

But, hey, no harm, no foul . . . right? Right?

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