22 March 2009

A New Carbon Canyon Church

It appears that a fourth church has opened its doors in Carbon Canyon, joining the ranks of St. Joseph's Hill of Hope, the Rock of Horeb, and Samsung Presbyterian, all on the Brea side.

This past week, a colorful card (see the attached image) was hanging from my mailbox announcing that "The Potter's Wheel Assembly" was meeting on Sundays in the Sleepy Hollow Community Center, with Bible study and worship services offered in the morning. The only information hinting at what the group was consisted of a phone number and an e-mail address, the latter containing the words "globalmissioninc."

A little poking around on the Internet led to Global Mission Incorporated, which offers the following:

Global Mission, Inc. is a Christian non-profit corporation, established in the United States with specific focus on Africa. We engage in working with mission established and indigenous African Churches in developing and expanding the Christian churches of Africa. We also help them to raise and equip responsible leaders for both church and civic offices. . . Global Mission, Inc. is non-denominational, non-sectarian, missionary organization. Ours is a non-membership organization, which calls for participation and support from all Christians from across denominations, who love to see the work of Christ blossom in Africa.

Further, the organization identifies five major activities: a) mission education, b) Leadership Development, c) Church planting, d) Medical mission, and e) Drama ministry. It appears that work is currently concentrated in Nigeria, where a medical mission is said to be in development, and in Cameroon.

The leadership of the group, as gleaned from its web site is:

President – Rev. Chinaka S. DomNwachukwu, PhD. – Dr. DomNwachukwu is an ordained Baptist minister, a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also an a Professor of Multicultural Education at Azusa Pacific University, a private Christian university in California. Dr. DomNwachukwu was born in Nigeria, but is a naturalized US citizen.

Board Members
a) Clement Saseun: Mr. Saseun is a Regional Director of Quality Control for Golden State Foods, the company that produces all of McDonalds patties and condiments worldwide.
b) Dr. Dean S. Gilliland: Dr. Gilliland is a senior professor and Chair of African Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena California.
c) Nkechi DomNwachukwu: Nkechi is a Science Teacher with Baldwin Park Unified School District in California.

Rev. DomNwachukwu and his wife, Nkechi, founded the organization in 1993. There is also a "Global Institute of Leadership Studies" that is part of Global Mission, Inc., offering an MA in Organizational Leadership via a distance learning program.

The organization has contact information for a Pasadena location, as well as a post office box in Chino Hills. For more, the web site is: http://www.globalmissioninc.org.

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