15 March 2009

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #13

People will pay thousands of dollars to decorate the bedroom of their hip postmodern home or trendy downtown loft in "retro chic", but for a few bucks this postcard takes us back on a trip back to 1960s motel interior decoration in all of its glory at La Vida Mineral Springs.

The caption on the reverse of this "vintage" Amescolor Publishers card reads "Colorful accomodations are found at / La Vida Mineral Springs / Carbon Canyon / Brea, California." Colorful, indeed.

From the rust brown (or dirty orange) carpet to the sky blue bedspreads (a stunning combination) to the white framed artwork and the low-slung lamp on a chain long enough to bind together two elephants who escaped from the circus, this swingin' pad has it all.

Let's not overlook the TV with the then-massive 17" screen, the "cultured marble" sink, vertical blinds in the window (artfully captured through the mirror over the sink), the sleek table lamp with the pillbox shade and the blonde-colored pressboard doors.

In all seriousness, this image is a great counterpoint to the earlier post (CCHA #6) from September showing the interior of the restaurant at about the same time and is a reminder of a lost treasure in La Vida Mineral Springs.<> This is item 2009.3.1.1 of the Carbon Canyon Collection.

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