12 July 2008

Useless Documentation?

I'm going to periodically do this because I want to have some documentation of incidents that demonstrate dangerous driving on Carbon Canyon Road, even if some of our elected officials and professional staff don't seem to be convinced that there is a problem.
Today, as I was heading westbound on the road at Canon Lane, two motorcyclists on hogs casually passed four cars on the eastbound side by taking advantage of left turn lanes on the widened portion of the road to squeeze between the aforesaid cars and my own.
To review: passing ANYWHERE on Carbon Canyon Road is illegal, which is why there are double yellow lines EVERYWHERE, except where left turns are permitted.

As long as people think they can choose which laws apply to them, the potential for serious problems exist. Is it going to take innocent fatalities and injuries by people like these motorcyclists before government officials do something? Sure seems like it from my experience in trying to contact city and state representatives. Then again, I'm just one person. But, why be reactive instead of proactive when it comes to the most fundamental of government's responsibilities: protecting the health and safety of constituents?

Anyway, send a comment if you have similar tales of woe!

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