05 July 2008

CalTrans and Carbon Canyon Road

In a recent post, I mentioned the fact that there was a surprising difference between the level of maintenance on Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142--oops, looks like someone ought to clean that sign in Sleepy Hollow!) from the San Bernardino County side (better) relative to the Orange County portion (not so good).

Now, it is possible that there are some plans to make improvements on the OC end, but the San Bernardino County stretch has had a pretty considerable amount of work done to it in recent months. There is a sales tax fund in San Bernardino County that is probably the biggest contributor to the difference.

Anyway, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to provide links to the two district offices that service the road, so these can be found in the links section of this blog.

I have no experience, obviously, with District 12 (OC), but have had a good experience so far with the folks in District 8 (SB). I would be interested to know how others have fared in their communication with CalTrans, so please feel free to post comments.

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