15 July 2008

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #2

Here is another interesting postcard of La Vida Mineral Springs, this one a colorized photograph probably dating to the 1940s. Through a stand of trees appears to be the cafe with the sign partially readable at the upper left. Behind the row of period automobiles is what looks to be part of the hotel with some of the hills as a backdrop.

On the reverse is a cool printed description: "La Vida Mineral Springs, Home of World Famous Natural Mineral Water. Baths, Massage, Colonics, Hotel Rooms, Housekeeping Cottages, Excellent Cafe with Home Cooked Food. In Beautiful Carbon Canyon just Seven Miles East of Brea, Calif. For Health and Relaxation out of the Smog and Fog, Visit this Secluded Restful Resort. Just Thirty-three Miles from Los Angeles. For Information Write Rt. 1, Box 176A, Placentia, Calif. or Call Placentia 5150."

Although the mineral water was somewhat well known locally and maybe a little known outside, the "world famous" sounds a bit far-fetched. Also, I wonder how many patrons took advantage of the "colonics" option! It is also interesting to contemplate the fact that La Vida and Carbon Canyon were removed from "smog and fog." At any rate, a neat item.

The unused card was published by Advertising Pencil Co. of Kansas City, Missouri. As with my previous post, this item comes from the Carbon Canyon Collection, item 2008.2.1.1, and is scanned at 150dpi without a watermark, though I don't know if that means anything as far as possible "use" by others is concerned!

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