03 July 2008

Canyon Hills project: It's in the works for 76 homes!

You know, when I saw that emergency outlet map for Carbon Canyon at the May fire preparedness meeting at Western Hills Country Club and noticed that there was a tract laid out north of Carbon Canyon Road, west of Canyon Hills Road, I wondered if there was a project in process there.

Well, there is!

From the City of Chino Hills website, I found a "Public Information Fact Sheet" stating that developer D. R. Horton's "Canyon Hills is a proposed development of 76 single-family detached homes on a 141-acre property. . . Approximately 100 acres of the project site is reserved for the [sic] open space."

Moreover, the project status section notes that "the developer is processing their grading plans through the City." Still to come is a "Tract Home Design Review" for Planning Commission approval, followed by the submission of building construction plans.

The sheet concludes: "At this time, there is no estimated time frame as to when the actual construction will take place. Potential buyers are encouraged to contact the developer for construction information."

Now, with the state of the housing market and economy, it is possible that this project will be delayed. Whether it's several years, as was the case after the early 90s crash, or not, though, we face the prospect of 76 homes in this development, 165 at Canyon Crest in Brea, and there has been talk of about 25 homes on the east side of Fairway Drive across from Western Hills golf course. That's somewhere around (likely above) 500 more cars just from new canyon developments, never mind what will continue to come from the former Dairy Preserve and points east. The other complicating factor could be water and its availability, pending continued drought conditions, tightened supplies due to agreements on water distribution from the Sacramento delta and the Colorado River systems, and southern California's ability (or lack thereof) to instill self-discipline in the use of water.

At any rate, it will be verrrry interesting out here in the canyon. The above photo is of the project site taken from across the canyon. At the far left is a property for sale in Sleepy Hollow and at the far right is the horse stables across from the project site on Canyon Hills Road. In a few years, all of this could look totally different!

For the city fact sheet, follow this link: http://www.chinohills.org/index.asp?NID=653 and then scroll down to the Canyon Hills project which will direct you to the fact sheet and site plan (this required Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download free from Adobe.)

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