31 July 2008

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #3

Here is another great item connected to La Vida Mineral Springs Resort. This ca. 1940s/1950s bottle represents a long history of flavored mineral water beverages offered by the proprietors of La Vida from 1928, although the end of production is something to still discover. Although the front label is badly faded, the back is still very clear and lists the many flavors offered. At the bottom of the blog are details from this bottle. The 1928 date comes from an online historical timeline of Orange County and the beverage is mentioned in a recent Arcadia Publishing photo book on the county and, I think, Esther Cramer's 1992 history of Brea.

In a detail view at the bottom of the blog, you'll note the location of the La Vida Bottling Company was in Placentia, although obviously the water was brought in from the springs in the canyon.

Given the 80-year history of La Vida, there will, hopefully, be some other great artifacts to share in future posts. This item is 2008.3.1.1 from the Carbon Canyon Collection.

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