02 July 2008

"Canyon Crest" Project Narrowly Approved!

I learned today that, by a 3-2 vote (kind of parallel to 5-4 votes on controversial Supreme Court decisions, huh?) the Brea Planning Commission voted to certify the Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report (RDEIR) for the 165-home "Canyon Crest" project.
I suppose there might a silver lining in that there was some dissension among commission members. This could give a little boost to what I would assume would be an impending appeal by one or more of the MANY, MANY persons and organizations opposed to the project.
The "Canyon Crest" proposal would then move on to the Brea City Council and we'll see when there will be time for public comment on this.

One matter that came to mind this evening is that developers often have no intention to complete the building of a project, but instead wait for such things as the approval of an EIR and the certification of a tract map, which will boost the value of the property for sale. So, don't be the least bit surprised if the Shopoff Group tries to shop off (I know, ouch!) this project to someone (or something) else.
Meantime, let's hope that there is an appeal, that the City Council does give thoughtful and serious consideration to such, mindful of the 3-2 split among its appointed Planning Commission members and the lack of a split among the many Brea residents and others who've voiced an especially clear, unequivocal and pointed opposition to "Canyon Crest, and that, the appeal failing, that legal action keeps this unsustainable and outmoded method of development from becoming anywhere near a reality (Was that one of the longest sentences you've ever read? Sorry!)
More on this later . . .


canyon lover said...

paul, check this out:


Paul said...

Hello "Canyon Lover":

Thanks for the link. I'm glad it was a former council member who filed this appeal and maybe the fact that this project was narrowly approved by the Planning Commission will galvanize even more opposition than was demonstrated before. I'm adding a link to this site on the blog. Again, much appreciated!