19 May 2015

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #17777

Last night about 7 p.m., the familiar long screech was heard and then a thud as a westbound green pickup truck (a Ford 150 type) took a Carbon Canyon Road curve too fast and slammed into a low wall at the former Canyon Market/Party House Liquor in Sleepy Hollow.

While there apparently were no calls made to local law enforcement--at least not one that involved sirens--and no evident closure of the state highway for any length of time, a crowd of locals scooted down and over to the crash site to check it out.

As to the recent bits of action by the police and sheriff departments in Brea and Chino Hills, the latter had its message board on the highway near Canon Lane for one day and then was taken away, while the two boards in Brea, the first westbound a little east of the old La Vida Mineral Springs property and the other eastbound next to Carbon Canyon Regional Park, are still up and functioning.

It remains to be seen if anything else is in the works based on recent conversations held between canyon residents and city and law enforcement officials.


Anonymous said...

I just called the Brea police department and reported a dark grey older Jeep, license plate 7HIU345, that passed me at the top of the hill, double line (the only kind on CC Road), a dangerous place to pass and a dangerous pass in itself at the speeds we were going. I got his license plate because of course the MORON didn't save any time passing me -- ended up going right behind a big truck that could only go about 45. So if any of your readers see the clown driving that jeep ... I hope they go kick his butt!!! GRRRR!!!!

A CC Chronicle Fan in Mtn View neighborhood

prs said...

To CC Chronicle Fan in Mtn View, this is a common problem obviously and, while it's fine that both Brea and Chino Hills police departments have installed electronic message boards that warn drivers not to pass on the left (which leads to the question of whether it's fine to pass on the right!), there are clearly some people who will do what they want to do, unless there is an actual police presence. This can't, naturally, happen a lot, but at least an occasional presence might do something to mitigate dangerous driving behavior on Carbon Canyon Road. There'll be a public safety forum in Chino Hills on 9 July and this would be the kind of issue to raise there. Thanks for the comment and the support of the Chronicle!