06 May 2015

Carbon Canyon Road Closed Yet Once More!

Last night before 11 p.m., sirens were heard somewhat faintly somewhere near Sleepy Hollow and then the cars stopped coming.

Sure enough, an emergency alert was sent out early this morning that Carbon Canyon Road is closed yet again.

According to the message, an accident took place between Olinda Village and the San Bernardino/Orange counties line.  A power line as downed during the crash.

Given the location and time of day, an uninformed guess would be that speed and/or chemicals were factors.  But, that's just wild speculation.

The road is expected to be reopened at around 9:30 this morning.

Just a few weeks ago, we had downed lines at Olinda Village in front of Hollydale Mobile Home Estates.  This was followed the next day by another closure at the S-curve in the Chino Hills portion of the canyon.

The spate of closures, including a fatality in March, since the first of the year indicates a greater degree of reckless driving.

Since 28 February 2014, this blog has posted information for 12 complete road closures on Carbon Canyon Road.

Does that seem out of the ordinary?

This blog used to, with some degree of intensity, question whether the regular occurrences of the accidents, road closures, private and public property damage, injury and deaths could be a cause for more patrolling of the state highway by the local authorities in Brea and Chino Hills nominally tasked with policing the roadway.

It has seemed increasingly pointless to ask.  That's called resignation and apathy.  Which is sad.

But, that's what happens in the face of inaction.

At least it's been quieter at night when the closures happen.


Anonymous said...

How can the community help get the speed limit reduced through the canyon or have the canyon policed. How many people need to get injured or die before both Brea and Chino Hills understand the speed limit is too fast for a canyon road.

Anonymous said...

So, let's add lots more cars every day with all the new homes. It's bad enough to look across from Sleepy Hollow and see the ruin of the hills, but the thought of all that new traffic . . . I keep thinking there will be an increase of accidents due to all the huge trucks that now drive back and forth on Carbon Canyon! Both cities, Brea and Chino Hills, just don't seem to care what happens in this area!

prs said...

Hello Anonymous #1 and #2. On the first, contact has been made with Chino Hills officials and we'll see where that goes. It looks as if a similar effort will be made concerning Brea. Maybe this'll lead to something substantive. On the second, the increased traffic (and other effects) from homes within and outside of the canyon is definitely a concern. Whether large trucks have caused more accidents is questionable, but dangerous driving persists regularly and let's hope the two cities recognize there's a problem and try to do some mitigation.

Anonymous said...

Traffic density?!?! Speeding issues?!?! BS! You and I know very well what is causing these traffic congestions and traffic... If everyone got off their dumb phone for a few minutes... attentive pro-active driving will get everyone home faster and safer. Get off your f-ing phones and consider the safety of others and yourself.