08 May 2015

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #17676 (And Some News)

Well, there have been many instances of "on the skids" since the last post under the name, but they have been of the more dramatic full closure of Carbon Canyon Road variety that have been plaguing our canyon recently.

But, there was another CalTrans sign that was cut down by a driver, who left her (confirmed by a commenter) front fender as a calling card, on the westbound side of the state highway about a quarter mile or so from the entrance to the Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center.

The incident had to have happened within the last couple of days and is another illustration of errant driving that reflects a greater degree of incidents than has been seen in quite a while.

However, there may be some good news to come out of this.  Discussions have been taking place in Chino Hills involving the city and its police (sheriff's) department chief, as well as between the latter and some of the folks in Brea.

It's in the very early stages, but the conversations have to do with increasing patrols in the canyon in response to concerns raised by residents about the spate of incidents that have taken place in recent weeks and months.

So, we'll see what materializes there.  Even an occasional, but regular, presence could go a long way in sending a message to drivers to mind their p's and q's, or dot their i's and cross their t's, or whatever cliche happens to work.


Anonymous said...

This happened around 7:30 AM on Friday morning.

prs said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for the additional info on this.

Anonymous said...

Before 7am... Brea PD sent their boys to write up a police report for a young white male and one black female driver involved.