03 May 2015

Carbon Canyon Convenience Store Robbers Captured

A pair of robbers, including a 20-year old Chino Hills man and his Riverside-based accomplice, were arrested on Friday for a string of at least sixteen holdups in four counties, including the Circle K store on Carbon Canyon Road and Canyon Hills Road, which was hit twice.

Anthony Oddie, the Chino Hills resident, entered businesses wearing a hoodie, bandada, surgical mask, gloves and dark sunglasses and carrying a machete and what appeared to be a handgun, which turned out to be an airsoft gun.  Sidekick Richard Gomez-Quiroz would wait in a getaway car parked a distance from the scene to avoid cameras.

The two robbed a Pizza Hut in Chino Hills and other businesses in Diamond Bar, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach, Riverside and other locales in the region over the course of a few months before they were arrested and booked on $1,000,000 bond.

Chino Hills sheriff's department detectives took the lead on the case because six of the sixteen incidents took place in the city and they are still looking at possible additional incidents involving Oddie and Gomez-Quiroz.

For coverage of the arrest, please click here.

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