15 May 2015

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #47: Canyon Hills Country Club Postcard, 1965

With the recent posts on this blog about the several uses of the property that was, from 1928-1958, Camp Kinder Ring, the Jewish camp of The Workmen's Circle, north of Carbon Canyon Road at Canyon Hills Road, part of which is being developed now as the 76-unit Canyon Hills housing subdivision, this seemed an appropriate time to highlight this postcard.

With the title of "Canyon Hills Country Club," the image shows one of the two swimming pools (the other is partially visible in the background) at the facility with the view looking towards the south and the hills that are now the subject of an application for another large housing project, the 107-unit Hidden Oaks development.

A couple of people are swimming in the foreground pool and a person sits on those cool chairs with the curved stainless steel legs.  To the left are concrete block walled planters and there are a variety of bushes, shrubs and trees in the landscaping around the pool decks.

On the reverse is the name of the facility, its post office address in Brea, the phone number, a list of club activities (the two pools, shuffleboard, ping-pong, archery, badminton, horseback riding, picnic grounds, and a rollerskating rink) and a recommendation for membership section.

This latter is pretty funny, as it begins, "I have recommended and vouched for you as a desirable person for membership in the Canyon Hills Country Club."  It then goes on to say that the membership committee would contact the person "once only" and then offers that Canyon Hills was "a real club for real people."

The name and address of the members are provided along with the recommended addressee, both of whom were from the area (Whittier and La Mirada.)

The card is postmarked from Brea--probably filled out at the club and then mailed by club personnel--and dated 25 October 1965.

This appears to have been at the very end of the lifespan of the club, which appears to have changed names from Canyon Hills Swim and Saddle Club, which was the successor to Club El Circulo (in turn following Camp Kinder Ring), to Canyon Hills Country Club.

By early 1966, as an upcoming post will detail further, there was another change in use, as the club gave way to one of the wackier concepts in Carbon Canyon's colorful history: Ski Villa.  After the demise of that short-lived project, however, yet another club, the Carbon Canyon Country Club took over--but, more on that later.

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